Ugh, Are You A Feminist?

Feminists like @kellyoxford are why I’m often ashamed of being a woman. Some of us actually use common sense and realism in our lives. — tweeted by @BluEyedGeek“ The whole conversation started on Twitter yesterday when Kelly Oxford slammed the new date rape nail polish - a polish that is designed to look like regular nail polish, but when you dip your finger into your drink, it will tell you if it’s been tampered with or not. It’s a great idea, but I am completely on the side of Kelly Oxford for this one: Why should we have to go to such …

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Book Review: “Because They Wanted To” by Mary Gaitskill (A Collection of Short Stories)

Because they wanted to

I’ve started working on a collection of short stories. With a busy schedule, finding an hour in the morning is the only way to make this happen. Sticking to this new habit has been incredibly hard (and I have definitely missed some days), but when I look back on the amount that I’ve accomplished with that short little one hour a day, I feel elated. Granted, a lot of it is complete trash… but at least it’s my trash. I haven’t written fiction in years, and I feel as though I’m getting through the first hump of discomfort (although I expect that the …

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I’m a Facebookaholic Today, But I Won’t Be Tomorrow

photo (1)

What is it about Facebook that makes it so addicting? I don’t think I used to have a Facebook problem, but I do now.  I’m a Facebookaholic (which, according to Urban Dictionary, is a real thing). Awhile back I did a no reading challenge for The Artist’s Way. In addition to staying away from books, I also limited my Facebook time to 15 minutes once a day. Usually at the end of the day. During those 15 minutes I could respond to messages, and watch all the stupid cat videos that I wanted… provided that once that 15 minutes was over I was logging …

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The Magical Way to Read a Book of Poetry


I’ve started reading poetry. Why? Well, my second attempt at starting a writing habit (I talk about my first attempt on Creative Life) starts today and I am terrified to get back at it. I’ve started reading poetry because it inspires me. There is something a little bit magical about taking an excellent book of poetry, closing your eyes, asking the universe to show you the perfect poem for you right now, and then opening the book.  I did this yesterday. Here’s the poem that I opened the book to: Leaving Spaces It takes a courageous person to leave spaces empty. …

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Table for One Please! Reflections on Solo Travelling

photo 4

Sitting 5,430 above sea level, Boulder Colorado is a slightly oxygen deprived paradise. At least that was the wording of one of the locals at the Kombucha booth at their farmer’s market Saturday morning. For the last year I have run the My Yoga Online Facebook page and worked for them as an assistant editor. Now that company is in the process of merging with Gaiam TV, and I was flown to Boulder, Colorado to train my replacement. I got my own hotel room and a generous per deim that allowed me to dine in style. An interesting twist on …

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Identifying the Mindset Shifts, a New Job, and A Whole Lot of Adventure

Me and Paul

I had this thought recently: “I wish I did more travelling.” I was feeling stagnant and stuck in a routine, and then all of a sudden I had three trips scheduled in just a little over a month. Suddenly, I found myself flying all over the place. I’ve had more adventures in the span of four weeks than I’ve had all year. In the last month I have done yoga on top of a mountain in Squaw Valley (California), zip-lined across Grand Falls in New Brunswick, went on a helicopter ride over Woodstock (New Brunswick), went on a 16k hike …

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When Your Mind is a Rubik’s Cube

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 4.16.04 PM

Every time I start to feel overwhelmed/discouraged I do the same thing. I break down my life, organize it into pretty little boxes, then move the boxes around like a rubik’s cube until I discover the flaw that is causing the “problem.” Then I construct a fool proof plan that, when executed, will solve the unsolvable problem of living a perfectly colour-coordinated life. It’s a pattern. I’m aware of the pattern and yet, just like my inability to leave a library with only one book, I find myself consistently leaning into the comfortable and stagnant chaos of work. Too many books …

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Getting Tackled by My Sister and Practicing Headstand with My Brother

I don’t come home often, but I’m home now. Home is in Nova Scotia, and coming home feels like a flashback to a different time. A time when the three of us (my brother, sister and I) were children. Yesterday we tackled each other in my Uncle Morel’s lawn, practiced handstands in the grass, and laughed uproariously (always wanted to use that word) in the back of the car on our way to my Uncle’s surprise birthday party in Woodstock, NB (it already happened so I’m not ruining anything). I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I got here. …

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Breakdown to Breakthrough: Adventures at Wanderlust Yoga Festival

Jaime and Christine at Wanderlust

Milestone alert!! I went on my very first “work trip” last week. I currently work for a yoga website, and one of the amazing perks of this job is that we have a booth at many of the Wanderlust Yoga Festivals. We’re also a major sponsor for the festival, so in addition to getting to be there, we also got to attend as many yoga classes as we wanted. Well, okay… we were allowed to attend one during our 10-7 shift at the booth, but if we got up early we could also do one in the morning. Obviously I …

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Reflections on Cirque du Soleil. Beware: “Be Small and You Will Fall”


I went to see Cirque du Soleil (Totem) last week and left with my mind going a little bit crazy with thoughts about fear and my tendency to hold back who I am in performance (and in life). First a quick precursor. Confessions from a Recent Callback After receiving two callbacks for a theatre company in Vancouver (for a role I really wanted), I was met by the producer of the show outside the theatre after pass one at the sides. She took me and the scene partner that I was auditioning with aside and with a no nonsense sort …

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