How we communicate what we’re afraid to say as ourselves – an essay on creativity

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I’m an obsessive note-taker. Okay… maybe I should use kinder words to describe myself, but my computer is FILLED with documents of notes and excerpts I’ve spent hours copying out and reflecting on from the books I’ve read/ am reading. At one point in my life,I thought that this ‘habit’ was a gross waste of […]

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Are we really all so polite and agreeable? – reflections on acting, life, stress, and childhood

kids are allowed to live and grow and change,

“When I was a kid, performing was pure fun, but somewhere along the line it turned into work.” – a quote ‘spoken’ by one of the students in An Acrobat of the Heart, Stephen Wangh On the drive home from acting class, a colleague and I started talking about acting and life. “The weird thing […]

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