Reflections on Cirque du Soleil. Beware: “Be Small and You Will Fall”


I went to see Cirque du Soleil (Totem) last week and left with my mind going a little bit crazy with thoughts about fear and my tendency to hold back who I am in performance (and in life). First a quick precursor. Confessions from a Recent Callback After receiving two callbacks for a theatre company in Vancouver (for a role I really wanted), I was met by the producer of the show outside the theatre after pass one at the sides. She took me and the scene partner that I was auditioning with aside and with a no nonsense sort …

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Deciphering the End Goal – A Not So Secret Confession

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I love to work. In fact, I might even have an obsession. Lately this obsession has gotten a little bit out of control. I have felt weighed down (and stressed, quite frankly) with the amount of work that I thought I had to do. I created a tornado of pressure and deadlines around me. As a result, I not only stopped having fun, but my constant exhaustion and finicky mind made it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Embarrassing to admit… but true. There were simply too many books that I HAD to read, too many skills …

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