Cold Showers: Your Survival Playlist

I am officially 2/3 of the way through the 30-day cold shower challenge. Only 10 more days left to go. The end is in sight! I have not had a warm shower in 20 days (On days I’ve had to shower twice I have had two cold showers – granted the second one was less than 5 minutes), and I actually don’t really miss them. I’m even thinking that once this challenge is over, I might continue to take cold showers once in a while – just on those days that I sort of feel like I need a little bit of a mindset shift.

For this cold shower up-date, I’ve decided to share my play-list so that you too can survive your 5 minute cold showers.

I’m going to briefly say why I chose each of these songs for this playlist, but know that the number one reason will always be that listening to these songs makes me (and perhaps you) feel like a little bit of a bad-ass.

Oh, and if you were going to point out that I have terrible taste in music… I already know that.


1. How do you like me now – the heavy

Why: see title of song.

2. S&M – Rihanna

Why: the lyrics “and all the pain is for pleasure, cause nothing can measure… the affliction of the feeling makes me wanting more…”

3. Thubthumping remix

Why: Because the beat of this song is awesome, and will make you feel like dancing which will, invariably, make you warmer.

4. Circus – by Britney Spears

Why: when the lyrics “I’m like a fire cracker, I make it hot” arrive, point your hands at the shower nozzle and pretend like you have the power to change the water from cold to hot by sheer will. You can have a lot of fun with this, and it’s also supremely entertaining.

5. Beetle Juice Theme Song

 Why: Because you can pretend like you’re in some awesome animated horror-like cartoon, and really play up the reaction to the cold water when you step into the shower. Then proceed to pretend to run away… again like a cartoon character (running in one place).

Do you have any ideas for songs to accompany a freezing cold shower? Please share in the comments section below!

This has been this weeks cold shower update.

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