Performance Improves When You Take The Pressure Off Yourself

I think the tiredness is a result of frustration. In one of my previous articles I wrote about mindful eating and how when you commit to chewing every bite into a paste, you leave your digestion system with less work. That means that energy can be allocated somewhere else. I think the same thing is happening here. I think, perhaps, I am putting so much energy towards suppression that I have very little left for creation.

“Performance Improves when you take the pressure off yourself”

- Robert K. Cooper

Being creative and taking risks – that all takes energy. If I stopped putting energy into comparison and fear, wouldn’t that leave energy for growth? Energy for play? Energy for discovery? Even scarier (is that the right word), perhaps this pressure has the ability to numb any natural gifts that you shouldn’t have to work for anyway. Perhaps pressure is the greatest enemy to natural talent. Some of my greatest discoveries and creations have occurred in the absence of any obsessive preparation or hours spent staring at a blinking cursor.

It really doesn’t make any sense to talk or focus on the things that could go wrong anyway, but it’s scary to believe that things are going to turn out alright. It’s scary to hope.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning”

- Albert Einstein

Taking the pressure off yourself also involves believing in yourself, and for some reason this often feels like the hardest thing in the world to do.

I think another cause of the tiredness is that lately I’ve gotten a bit carried away with being busy. But busy without really moving towards anything definitive. So, I’m going to take my tiredness as a signal from my oh so faithful body that it’s time to prioritize. No more thinking small, it’s time to think big.

“If we let ourselves get lost in the shuffle of daily life, as we hurry along we end up knowing more about out shoes from looking down then about the starts (or life’s unseen possibilities). Pause a few moments here and there to gaze upward and beyond. What’s your dream?… then adjust your course accordingly” – Robert K. Cooper

Have you been tired lately? Stop. What could your body be telling you?


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