1. Absolutely Christine. It’s unbelievable how the system can destroy a person’s confidence, bravery and self worth. I am having such a difficult time with some of my high school art students because they are afraid. They have been taught that there is a right and wrong answer with nothing in the middle. They are unmotivated to learn because all they want to do is give the “right” answer in order to get the “right” grade. I teach art and I want them to be creative and to think outside the box, I want them to take risks and see what happens, then if they don’t like what happens, figure out a creative way to fix it………but they won’t. The are afraid to do it “wrong”. I find it so disheartening when a student asks me if they can’t paint this area red? Can I draw my line like this? Is it okay if I use black instead of white? And the best question, while holding up their unfinished assignment, “what mark would you give this right now?” Meaning: how much more effort do I need to put into this in order to get a decent grade. The system is flawed, and we are all going to suffer at the hands of it when the future generations are running our world and they only know one answer to a problem. God help us when that so called “right” answer doesn’t work and this generation gives up on solving problems because a) they’re too afraid to take a risk b) they don’t even know how to begin to look for alternative solutions and c) they don’t care enough to try.

    Thank you, rant over. :)

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