E Squared by Pam Grout - Experiment 4

E-Squared Experiment 4: The Abracadabra Principle

E Squared by Pam Grout — Experiment #4

E Squared by Pam Grout - Experiment 4Theory: Whatever you focus on Expands / Your thoughts have the ability to bring material goods into your life.

In my first attempt, I found this experiment from the book E Squared by Pam Grout more stressful than empowering. As the clock ticked down towards the end of my allotted 48 hours, I finally had to shrug away any disappointment that I had not been able to attract a FREE Grande dark roast coffee from Starbucks into my life. Hoping for success, I thought I could wrap my head around such a simple manifestation (especially since I had done it before on several occasions), but alas! Not this week. That being said, I did manage to attract a 3 bus ride commute in record time – each bus pulled up exactly as I arrived. Pretty sweet.

The Experiment

E Squared by Pam Grout - Experiment 4In order for this experiment to work you have to not do one thing: doubt. You’re not allowed to doubt. Perhaps I set myself up for failure at the beginning of the week by first deciding that I would try to manifest something that I had been trying to attract into my life for over a year now, with much frustration. Although I didn’t exactly intend it, I realize now that I started this experiment with anger. Anger that I had not already been able to attract it months ago. Even as I asked the universe to bring it into my life, I actively pursued it like a ravenous dog. My efforts resulted in a lost lunch bag, a lot of walking and a strong desire to punch a hole through a wall… any wall would have been sufficient. I really and sincerely wish I could tell you what it was that I was wanting to attract, but I can’t quite yet. I can tell you that it has to do with my acting career.

After the 48 hours were up on this first experiment, I thought that I would try for a cup of coffee instead. This too was met with failure… although I did get a free cup of coffee at a seminar I attended, it wasn’t quite what I had envisioned.

Where did I go wrong?

Obviously doubt played a central role, but was there something else at work here?

“All of us have an underlying sound track that goes something like this:

  • There’s something wrong with me
  • I’m not good enough
  • I have no talent
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I can’t do it
  • It’s too hard

Sweeping negative statements like these are what we call false prayers, the default beliefs to which you march in obedience. The good news is they’re not true. The bad news is they operate as if they were true. They’re your own personal amulet that you unwittingly carry everywhere you go. You wouldn’t dream of plowing through life without them because, well, they’re just so familiar.” (expert)

More than getting past normal doubt, the success of this experiment makes a rather large demand of you. It demands that you put aside any beliefs about what is possible. We all have a mistaken belief that the world operates by certain rules: it takes this long to be successful, making money is hard, etc. These beliefs are hard to put aside.

In focus there is power

In a seminar she held (view below), Abraham Hicks explained that “in focus there is power.” Unfortunately our past beliefs dilute our focus, thus diminishing our power (we are our own worst enemies). I’m also currently plagued by a sometimes debilitating fear of failure. I was afraid that if I let go and allowed myself to unapologetically and fully believe that I would get a free cup of Starbucks coffee, and then didn’t get it… well, that I’d be disappointed and embarrassed. My resistance was really so silly, now that I’m able to step back from it.

Check out this video by Abraham Hicks on how without time and space is instant manifestation.  It’s a quick 6 minute video and I promise you that, no matter how you’re feeling, it will instantly raise your vibration.

Although, if you’ve never heard of her before, check out this youtube video that explains it. Thank you for reading.


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  • http://yummumblog.wordpress.com yummymummy0913

    Reblogged this on yummymummyblog and commented:
    I think I’m going to give this a try :)

    • http://the-positivity-project.com/ Christine Bissonnette

      You should! Let me know what happens!

  • http://ConfrontingGiants.wordpress.com/ Tim

    I did this by intending to find a dollar’s worth of change. I found several dollars and was quite impressed. I got though, I think, 5 of the experiments and then doubt started creeping in. Don’t let it! Live in the moment, have faith in your higher power and allow things to happen in your life. I think I’ll go back to reading the book. It was blowing my mind when I quit.

    • http://the-positivity-project.com/ Christine Bissonnette

      Hey Tim,

      Thanks for your advice. I definitely agree with what you said. I got super sick the other week (for the entire week :S) which sort of forced me to take a week off and reflect. I got sick right around the halfway point, and I actually think that it was excellent timing. I feel ready to take on the rest with a new mindset.

      I love finding money. When I find money on the ground, sometimes I think that it’s a bit of a hint from the universe that making money doesn’t have to be hard.

      • http://ConfrontingGiants.wordpress.com/ Tim

        I love finding money too. Someone recently told me that I should leave dollars laying around where people will find them. He said that when you make someone feel good because they found a dollar that those good feelings will come back to you. Anyway, I’m glad you’re better and ready to continue the experiments!

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  • http://n/a becky

    i’ve just started these experiments (on hour 26 of experiment 1) i enjoyed your first post so thought i’d read your others too :) even though it’s kind of like a ‘spoiler alert’ for the book lol. i thought there would be one like this. i think it’s very difficult to order something specific with the instruction being DON’T doubt. surely even a person completely confident in their manifesting would write off not receiving a specific thing as having a tiny amount of doubt in the back of their mind?

    • http://the-positivity-project.com/ Christine Bissonnette

      What happened with your first experiment? I liked the first one because you didn’t have to ask for anything specific. I think that my spirits and energy were also in a much better place during that first week then they have been lately. Not doubting is crazy hard. Especially as the experiments start getting more specific. Honestly, the pressure to manifest is sort of stressing me out, lol.

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  • Julia

    Thank you for posting your findings on this. I tried to manifest a blue yoyo, something odd eno ugh I would know it worked but not common enough to be written off as a fluke. I felt very good about my yoyo I even saw my self playing with it and kept a very positive attitude. Everything else in this book has been working for me. I was really discouraged at first but then I realized it was the timeframe not the yoyo I was doubting. So I have decided to continue tobelieve in my yoyo and allow it to come into my life when ready, I’m hopping by eliminating the deadline it works for me. I also have another intention of a friend asking to go for coffee, same thing deadline came and went so I will put this out there again with faith the universe and my vibrations will line up when the time is right.