E-Squared Experiment 9: The Fish and Loaves Principle

Experiment 9

E Squared by Pam Grout — Experiment #9 I don’t want to give away too much in Pam Grout’s fabulous book, so I’m going to make the conclusion of this last experiment somewhat vague. The premise behind the last experiment in E Squared by Pam Grout is to prove that life is not, in fact, as hard as we like […]

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E-Squared Experiment 8: The 101 Dalmations Principle

Experiment 8

E Squared by Pam Grout — Experiment #8 “You can literally uplift your world by lasering love, blessings, peace, and other high-frequency emotions to the people in your lives.” While in my voice lesson this week, my vocal coach made an interesting observation about me. He noticed that I had a tendency to deflect my […]

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E-Squared Experiment 7: The Jenny Craig Principle

Experiment 7

We’ve arrived at experiment 7, the experiment that effectively made this book famous: How to lose weight by manipulating energy. E Squared by Pam Grout — Experiment #7  “As long as you harbour negative energy about yourself and spend time wanting to lose weight, that’s what you’ll get: negativity and ‘the state of wanting to […]

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